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Party leader Henk Krol prosecuted in 'ethical hacking' case

The leader of the 50Plus political party will appear in court next month accused of hacking into medical records.

Henk Krol: 'Let’s see what I’m supposed to have done wrong.'Henk Krol said he obtained the records from the Brabant laboratory Diagnostiek voor U via the internet to highlight weaknesses in online security.

Krol, who was a member of the provincial council in North Brabant at the time, acted after another member of his party raised the issue of security.

In September he was one of two MPs elected to the Lower House for 50Plus, which represents the interests of pensioners and older workers.

Krol said he was surprised that the public prosecutor’s office (Openbare Ministerie) had decided to pursue the case, which he said was a clear example of “ethical hacking”.

After posting his court papers on Twitter, he said: “I’m very curious about the outcome. Let’s see what I’m supposed to have done wrong.”

Krol is due to appear in court on February 1. If the case goes ahead it will be the first time since Geert Wilders was cleared of inciting hatred towards Muslims in June 2011 that a party leader has been prosecuted in the Dutch courts.

Source: NRC: Kamerlid Krol over twee weken voor de rechter om vermeend hacken