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Investigation into mid-air light aircraft collision that left two dead

An investigation has begun into how two light aircraft crashed in mid-air, killing two people on board and leaving two others seriously injured.

Lelystad Airport: Two light aircraft collided in mid-air shortly after taking off.The two planes plunged into a field in Dronten, Flevoland, after making contact shortly after they took from Lelystad Airport on Monday afternoon.

They were taking part in an aerial photo session, with the occupants of one aircraft taking pictures of the other. The two victims who died were in the plane that the photographs were being taken from.

Both the aircraft involved, a General Avia F22 and a DA40, belonged to Wings Over Holland, a training school for pilots that also rents out planes.

One of the two people injured in the crash is the owner of the company that runs the school. They were taken by air ambulance to the VU medical centre in Amsterdam and the Isala clinic in Zwolle.

No details have been made public about the identities of the other victims or the extent of the survivors’ injuries.

Police refused to confirm reports by eyewitnesses to local TV station Omroep Flevoland that the planes were performing stunt manoeuvres just before they collided.

The Dutch Safety Board is investigating the crash and the wreckage of the planes, which landed about 300 metres apart.

Source: De Volkskrant: Gewonde crash Dronten is eigenaar vliegbedrijf